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Contact administration as there was no answer in FAQ.


What is fetish-ichiban?
'fetish-ichiban' is the movie site to make the clients enjoy movie files with joy.
This website is specialized in the fetish movies

*Monthly program
No limitation usage billing, with fixed monthly fee.
Recommending the clients who wish to see many programs,
without worrying about the fee.
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Is this website a illegal website?
Is this website a illegal website? FETISH-ICHIBAN.com is the adult website that observe the Japanese law. 「フェティッシュ・1番」は、日本国内の法律に則ったアダルトサイトです。
・東京都公安委員会 無店舗型性風俗特殊営業届出 第11452号 新宿警察署
・東京都公安委員会 映像送信型性風俗特殊営業届出  第12007号 新宿警察署
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Please let me know about the subscription further in details.
To make our clients enjoy, fetish-ichiban is taking free of charge membership systems.
There are 2 types of enjoying works.

Monthly Program
No limited watching services with the fixed monthly rate.
In the period, you can watch as many as you can. No additional fee.
Including the additional works on the regular basis, you can load any works in the program and enjoy.
*For the monthly program, the maximum allowable downloadable volume is 16,000MB.
Your understanding will be highly appreciated for more clients’ enjoyable use of our site.

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There has been no response to the e-mails (completion of settlement, the information, and support)
If the clients are using free-mail such as Yahoo and Hotmail for sending, and those addresses are registered, the replies are classified as Spam.
※If you can delete the filtering setup in receiving, the e-mail will be delivered to the ordinal INBOX.
Also, there may be some delays depending on the communications. Please wait for a moment, and check the incoming mails.
If there are errors in registering your e-mail addresses, you cannot receive the e-mails. Please confirm your right e-mail address, re-register.
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Please let me know the specification for PC.
CPU: Pentium 4 1GHZ plus.
Physical memory over 512 MB (1GB recommended).
Video Memory over 32 MB (64 MB recommended).
※Depending on your PC, smooth replay may not be achievable.
With 'Sample movies (free of charge)', please confirm the environment for replay.
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What is the mypage?
Mypage is each subscriber’s own page.
You can confirm the information from the webmaster of the site such as ‘Registration’, ‘Amount of Own Money’, ‘’Accumulated Point’, ‘Mail Box’, and ‘History Download’.
※E-mails for your inquiry will not be recorded without being logged in. The clients are recommended to send e-mails in the logged-in mode.
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I would like to change the e-mail address.
If your e-mail address is changed due to the provider-changes, please update your e-mail in MY Page, from 'the registration information updates'.
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I lost my password.
Please start with Log-In page, and proceed to 'Lost Password'.
Please input the e-mail address originally registered. Via e-mail, we will send your password.
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Please let me know how to unsubscribe.
After logging in, you can unsubscribe in My page.
After unsubscribing, you are no longer able to download movies in the membership period. Please be careful.
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I cannot log-in despite I have never unsubscribed.
For some reasons, credit card's continuous settlement may have been unsuccessful.
The main reason is 'the expiry of the validity period', and/or 'the shortage of credit amount.' For the continuous use, please re-join or contact the administrator.
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Please let me know the support.
Please contact fetish-ichiban via e-mail. For inquiry, support@fetish-ichiban.com
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Please let me know about the copy right of the movies.
For all data, the rights are owned by Mitsutoshi Watanabe regardless of copyright, Neighbouring Right, right of trademark, design rights, patent rights or ownership.
With fee or without fee, we do not allow to record on other media for redistribution.
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